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Want to talk?

Schedule a free 30-minute call to talk about how we can work together.

For Investment Advisors looking to elevate their business through process.


Your Fractional Practice Management Consultant and
COO in Efficiency and Client Experience.

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I help advisors like you set and attain more ambitious growth goals. Let's work together to optimize your business by refining processes and transforming the client experience to nurture valuable client relationships and attract more top clients.

After 20+ years in wealth management at the big banks, collaborating with hundreds of advisors, I've acquired a wealth of experience working both alongside and directly with advisors. Now, I am sharing my expertise and knowledge with advisors who are eager to take their business to new heights.

I know advisors require more personalized support and resources to manage and grow their business effectively. Work with me to help you be prepared for your growth and the business you want to have. Consider me as an extension of your team and a partner you can fully trust.


Find the right offering that aligns with your specific needs.

You’re here because you have big goals and you are ready to take the right next step to be prepared for the growth and evolution in your business. Work with me to get the tools, insights and guidance necessary to create a sustainable path to long-term success.

Imagine a business where you are;

  • Clear on your vision, the business you want to have and the clients you want to serve.

  • Implementing your business plan with ease using a quarterly strategic action plan.

  • Prioritizing client-focused activities through streamlined processes that boost efficiencies and elevate the client experience.

  • Elevating your client experience through a segmented service offer to deliver on all your client's evolving wealth needs and to nurture your most valued client relationships.

  • Maintaining the capacity to grow with more top clients, boosting profitability, referrals, client advocacy and satisfaction.

This is all within reach, your transformation starts now.

Want to talk?

Schedule a free 30-minute call to talk about how we can work together. 


Unlock the power of 1:1 coaching and consulting with Jennifer to take your business to the next level. Over the course of the engagement, we will work together to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities in your business, optimize processes to create efficiencies, and elevate your client experience.

Get support to point your team in the right direction with

60-minute consultations. Jennifer will provide your team with clarity, valuable feedback, and guidance to refine a specific process that will move you closer to your business goals.

Coming Soon!  This membership offer is taking a new approach to providing Practice Management services and content. With guided support and accountability, you will have the tools and resources to turn your annual business plan into a quarterly strategic roadmap, taking action to stretch your goals and move your business forward.

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